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 Looking for a job in Norway and a little support along with this new transistion?

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming - and I know what it feels like to loose your whole identity, leaving your family behind and standing alone in a new world..

Therefor I created Norway Newcomer Society, to make this new transition as smooth as possible. In this Society you get easy access to 3 very important things. 

1: The Ultimate Job Strategy I spent many years figuring out, that helped me land competitive job offers inside my profession. Plus, that has helped many other foreigners so far. 

2: My personal mentorship on a weekly basis, and live trainings with other fellow members just like you. 

3: My exclusive facebook group with other newcomers, that you can connect with, use for job advice, or have coffee meetings with where you practise our CV pitch in Norwegian.  

    All this for just 35 $ / month. Norway Newcomer Society is a place where you easily and affordably get the information you need to land a skilled job in Norway so you can live here, and thrive here as a newcomer. The internet is flooded with information, and it can be extremely overwhelming as a newcomer to figure out where to start and what you actually need to do? Norway Newcomer Society makes this new journey of yours easy and fun, not only that - it also supports you and makes you feel less alone in your big transition. I have been there! I know what you are going through - thats why I want to help you! If you are interested in joining Norway Newcomer Society, you can hit the button down bellow.
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Everything you need to start building a life from scratch in Norway


Exclusive Online Courses

You get access to all online courses, with lessons that teaches you, step-by-step - how you get a job in Norway as a foreigner. This includes what documents you have to have in place before applying, CV build-up and how you write this line-by-line, what interview questions you will get and how to answer them. Remember, that the job strategy in these lessons is testet by many foreigners so far, including myself and it works! 


Weekly Coaching & 

Each week there will be live group calls where you can ask me questions,  get personal feedback on your work so far or practise your Norwegian Job Interview speech. All to ensure that you do not get stuck,  wondering what your next step is AND that you do not feel alone


Supportive Community
& Network

There are many newcomers just like you, who is struggling with getting a job in Norway. As a member you get access to my  members only, facebook group where you can start building a network with other newcomers in Norway and get their help and support. 

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What other members say..

Image by Ashley Piszek


When you become a member here, you do not just become part of an amazing online course program, you become part of a new family which is going to be YOUR family and “go to place” here in Norway, when things are difficult.

Radhoine, Dubai

”Thank you so much for all your guidance and support. I really appreciate the time you took to write back and encourage me to follow my dreams. And also for believing in me(…)Thanks a million, Sara!! God bless you!!”

Serena, Italy

”I started Sara’s program in Marts, 5’th. And within only 2 weeks I was able to sign a contract with a company - therefor I highly recommend Sara’s program if you are a foreigner living in Norway. The position I’ve been offered is a B2B product specialist - somehow far from my experience, but thanks to Sara’s program I was able to get this(…) I am so happy and exited and I can not wait to start my dream job”.

Toby, England

”The CV template’s in Saras program was working great, did job interviews in Norwegian that resulted in a number of offers which was fantastic.”

Ready to take action?

Would you like to get access to my full support system, that have helped multiple foreigners get their first job in Norway? If yes, keep reading...

I only take in a limited amount of members 2 times / year, so if you want to get notified next time enrolment opens, all you have to do is to join the waitlist by filling out the form down bellow

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