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I started Norway Newcomer Society in 2022 because moving to Norway, getting a job here, getting friends and learning the language is THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!

All I needed to get access to everything was the job. But nobody wanted to hire me. I had just finished my engineering degree. No experience, no language skills.  So did I get any jobs? No. I got NO answers in the beginning. So I started applying for crapy jobs - none related to my actual education. 


After that, I got some professional help, I researched and suddenly I started to get really good job offers. My new strategy worked! I got jobs at big companies such as: Tesla, Bransdal Group, Avfall Sør and now I have my absolute dream job at something called “Ungt Entreprenørskap”. One job led to the other.

However, I found that I was not the only foreigner, struggling to get my first degree related job offer in Norway. That is why I started to help other newcomers, I shared my strategy and it worked for them too.

Norway Newcomer Society is a complete guide on how you get a job in Norway and thereby, get the life you dream of in this beautiful country. Because the truth is, before I had the job I wanted - I was not feeling like myself and I felt like I had lost my whole identity.  

So trust me when I say: Norway Newcomer Society will save you time, money and lots of tears if you are looking for a job in Norway. And I wish I had that opportunity when I first moved to Norway.

The question people often ask me is: Should I get a job first or should I move first? Now, with Norway Newcomer Society, you can find the road-map that fits you the best. We are all different, we have different back-ground, and answering this question is actually a bit complex.

It can be overwhelming to start a life in a new country, and especially in Norway. Where do you begin? There is so much information out there, and how do you know if you find the right information?
This is why I created Norway Newcomer Society, where you get the chance to:

  • Connect with other newcomers

  • Get personal guidance from me every week about job search, CV, etc.

  • Learn the job application technique that got me multiple job offers in Norway, as a newcomer.

  • Learn to speak Norwegian

  • Learn the Norwegian work culture

  • ++


Let's work together

I really hope that you are feeling inspired by my story, and that you would give me the chance to help you. I have two kids myself, and having kids in a foreign country far away from your family is really something.. it's damn hard. So please know that no-matter what you might struggle with wether its getting a job or just help with feeling like home.. Do not hesitate to reach out or join my waitlist. I want Norway Newcomer Society to be for all newcomers, I want it to be the go-to place, and your new family.. 

Love and speak soon!
-- Sara

Ready to take action?

Would you like to get access to my full support system, that have helped multiple foreigners get their first job in Norway? If yes, keep reading...

I only take in a limited amount of members 2 times / year, so if you want to get notified next time enrolment opens, all you have to do is to join the waitlist by filling out the form down bellow

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